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Corduroy - Winky Wagon
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Corduroy legend holds that having recorded the three 'classic' albums for Acid Jazz Records, our illustrious heroes parted with said company and released a further two albums on a 'major' record label, investigating themes, techniques and technologies previously unexplored; this period of the band’s brave journey became known as the 'psy-fi -years'.

Exhausted, Corduroy disbanded shortly after.

Prophecy foretold that, two decades later, the group would reform and reunite with Acid Jazz; and furthermore that the fabled 'psy-fi' recordings would be compiled by the sister label, Well Suspect Records, into a twelve track, sky-blue-vinyl collection, featuring choice tracks from the major albums, singles and B-sides. This limited-edition selection is entitled Winky Wagon.

Experimenting with exotic eastern flavours, easy-soul, yacht-pop, Brit-beats and amped-up funk, the compilation captures Corduroy expanding their signature thematic instrumental palette with melodic, irresistible and beautifully crafted songs.

Released 25th October 2019 on LP|CD|Digital


Corduroy - The New You Pack.jpg


Recorded during the post Acid Jazz wilderness years, The New You is Corduroy’s fourth studio album.

Working from the same groovy palette that coloured their previous records, the band added ironic flourishes of lounge music and movie soundtracks with a playful sense of yacht rock. More song based, with fewer instrumentals than their ‘classic’ albums, recorded in 1997, The New You is a must for fans of the Corduroy journey.


Corduroy - The Joker Is wild pack.jpg


Corduroy’s psychedelic period, this four track single release from Corduroy’s fourth album, The New You, captures the group experimenting with hypnotic grooves and exotic scales. Featuring a ‘pop’ edit The Joker Is Wild, plus a longer, far-out’ version; the release also contains two groovy instrumentals including the blue-note beat inspired ‘What, Me Worry’. 

CORDUROY -CLIK! Packshot revis .jpg


Produced by the famous Drum & Bass producer Rob Playford, Corduroy’s fifth studio offering has a heavier, darker feel than previous albums yet still rippled throughout with the band’s cartoonish signature sound. This eclectic mixture of rock riffs and orchestral arrangements blends Hammond organ grooves and retro rhythms with the most cutting edge recording technology available … in 1999.


Corduroy - Moshi Moshi - pack.jpg


The single from the fifth studio album, Clik! This technology inspired dance floor banger blends Corduroy’s signature instrumental sound with sound effects and break beats. Leaning heavily towards the Japanese market…… ‘I pick up the phone and I say Moshi Moshi’. 


Private Jones / Corduroy
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Limited Edition Record Store Day 7”

The double A side Record Store Day limited edition (500 copies), white vinyl seven inch single, featuring Private Jones' audacious cover version of The Jam's I Got By In Time; and a previously unreleased version of Chowdown recorded live by the funky beatnik outfit, Corduroy in 1992. Taken from the compilation Generation Mod, Private Jones have re-imagined Paul Weller's punky rocker, featured on The Jam's debut album 'In The City', as a Tamla Motown stomper; expect to hear this on talcum powder sprinkled dance-floors; a DJ box essential.

The flip side is a recently discovered live recording of Corduroy, from one of the Acid Jazz groups' earliest gigs, playing one of their live favourites, Chowdown. This funky instrumental captures the band at the beginning of their career, playing in a small and sweaty basement club in London's Soho.