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Recorded during the post Acid Jazz wilderness years, The New You is Corduroy’s fourth studio album.

Working from the same groovy palette that coloured their previous records, the band added ironic flourishes of lounge music and movie soundtracks with a playful sense of yacht rock. More song based, with fewer instrumentals than their ‘classic’ albums, recorded in 1997, The New You is a must for fans of the Corduroy journey.




The Buns began life playing 'garage secretarial rock' in the basement clubs of home-town Paris, armoured from the norm by pencil skirts, rouge paint and with hair tightly knotted in bouffant buns; they attracted a lot of attention, especially with fans of vintage styles and sounds.

The duo quickly progressed from sweat heavy dives to guest appearances in French stadiums, and a coveted slot on the seminal garage rock compilation, DIRTY MOD; the track in question was 'Thrill Me Up', a lyric from which inspired the title of The Buns' U.K debut album, a frantic roller coaster ride of glam punk, and earthy garage rock, DANGEROUS.

The L.P includes the best of the groups earlier 'Mad Men glamour' period, plus the current rock-chic snarl captured to tape by Liam Watson at Toerag Studio.



Queen of the Vidal bob hair-do, Fay Hallam paid her rock dues fronting bands like The Prime Movers, Phaze, The Fay Hallam Trinity and Makin' Time (with a pre- Charlatans Martin Blunt).  She has worked with Billy Childish, Graham Day, Alan Crockford and The Bongolian, and has toured the UK and Europe extensively. 2016 finds Fay having recorded possibly her strongest album to date; produced by Paul Weller collaborator Andy Lewis, House Of Now is a collection of progressive torch songs and filmic funk, ambitious and groovy; her rhythm & blues inspiration still very apparent but fused with a theatre-land soul reminiscent of musical freak-fests like Godspell, Superstar or Hair.





Millions shine out from the crowd, more melodic than the garage punks, more psychedelic than the Hoxton hipsters, more vital than the shoe gazing throng; Millions paid their gigging dues on the sweltering Australian circuit and have sprung onto the UK scene as fresh, tight and compelling newcomers. Formed in Brisbane, Australia, the four-piece are a unique garage rock outfit that specialise on strong song-writing as well as charismatic performances; two of the group are sons of South London's finest Glenn Tilbrook, singer/song writer of Squeeze.

Millions make their U.K debut with a limited edition, seven inch vinyl, four track E.P.




Northern Exposure is the Sheffield based music promotion team whose drive, dedication and unrivaled passion, have helped to create a fresh and dynamic voice on the current rock scene.

This is their compilation album and it is awesome.

Featuring The Slow Readers Club, Cabbage, White Room, Sisteray, Veludo Planes, Hollow Nothing, The Velcro Teddy Bears, SAP, Little Liam, Vida, Paul Fletcher & The Dukes, Paisley Sundae, The Rising, Stray Scene, The Gallerys, John McCullagh, Liberty Ship and Scarlet. 




a saucy blend of CONTEMPORary PSYCHEDELIA

This compilation features some of the best artist on the current psychedelic scene, and as the title suggests it's a broad kaleidoscopic church. Kicking off with an outragous garage psych cover version of a Girls Aloud track by South London's Dave's Doors Of Perception, this is a trip that's varied, enthralling and potent. Girl groups of a less footballer-predatory nature also feature, Abjects are a young garage-punk girl trio; Novella (except for the drummer) are a more melodic girl band, also from London, and Nottingham based group, The Soundcarriers, include an intoxicating female vocal texture. A more typically sixties sound is provided by Miracle Glass Company, Chariots, and young guns on the scene, The Chessmen. Heavier tracks are care of The Oscillation and Psyence. Arguably the 'sweetest' number comes from Joel Gion, best known as a member of Brian Jonestown Massacre. The 'sourest', definitely the scariest, from Rex Speedway & The Fortune Tellers.   



Selected finds for filthy minds

The history of mod is sweat soaked and ear-splitting, limbs and microphones flaying; the loudest bands, the proudest; high-rise volume, distorted, disjointed, under the influence, pounding twelve bar, gritty rock and roll soul music that has influenced the groups on this compilation album; turn it up, jump, hump, shout and get busy ... to Dirty Mod! Featuring, the UKs finest garage rock bands, The Fallen Leaves, Dave's Doors Of Perception, and Eight Rounds Rapid. Parisian minxes, The Buns. Swivel hip rockers, Maker, and The Sons Of Mod. Grunge Blues hipsters, The Monkey Gland Blues Band, and The Get-Go. Enthusiastic youthful soul from Samuel Rogers and his band. Plus another great cover version from The Third Degree, (the band that had that hit with Duffy's Mercy). 


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TOXIC - Double A side floor filler 7”

The Third Degree was the band that fooled the nation that Duffy's hit record, Mercy, was a cover version of an older, much better, Northern Soul original; were you fooled? Another modern classic gets The Third Degree treatment; this time it's Madonna-snogger Britney Spears' turn to be outclassed with this sexed-up version of Toxic, re-imagined as a heavy soul rocker. Sounding like the mutant lovechild of seventies stadium fillers, Chicago and Meatloaf, with a guitar riff reminiscent of The Knacks My Sherona, the moody horn section insists this red hot vinyl roots the limited edition funk master-class directly onto DJ decks and dancing shoes spinning on polished boards in late night dance joints everywhere. The flip side is I Kissed A Girl, the song that made Katy Perry famous... But whose version came first? 





In 1984, before Eddy Piller started Acid Jazz Records, he released a number of 'mod revival' bands on an independent record label especially created for the purpose, that upstart label was the now infamous, Well Suspect Records and this compilation was the first release featuring Directions, Small Hours and Long Tall Shorty. This reissued deluxe edition revisits and freshens the original; losing two tunes but gaining five extra tasty maximum R&B numbers (from the Italian group, The Mads) recorded between 1979 and 82. Best played loud, this compilation has influenced much of the indie-rock and brit-pop elite of the current generation of 'angry young men'....and women.




A collection of tunes inspired by modernists

Generation Mod shows the genre in rude health, compiling new and recent mod-inspired bands with an eclectic and contemporary musical reach that will appeal to most mod tastes, soul, ska, beat and psych. Featuring: Dogtooth - Get In Get Out; they are only 13,14 and 16 years of age and they rock!  A band to watch. Dave's Doors of Perception; south London's nastiest noisiest garage psych band, make their Farfisa drenched debut with Falling. Motown legend, Martha Reeves, called Samuel S. Parkes "the genuine spirit of Northern Soul," Samuel opens side one with Let Me Go. Dirty rock slags, The Get Go, turn their attentions to the Ike and Tina Turner classic, Nutbush City Limits. Italy's finest, The Mads,offer the melodic stomper What I Need. French Boutik, reinvent the torch song with Mieux Comme Ca. Men Of North Country get extra Northern with They Don't Know.




Limited Edition Record Store Day 7”

The double A side Record Store Day limited edition (500 copies), white vinyl seven inch single, featuring Private Jones' audacious cover version of The Jam's I Got By In Time; and a previously unreleased version of Chowdown recorded live by the funky beatnik outfit, Corduroy in 1992. Taken from the compilation Generation Mod, Private Jones have re-imagined Paul Weller's punky rocker, featured on The Jam's debut album 'In The City', as a Tamla Motown stomper; expect to hear this on talcum powder sprinkled dance-floors; a DJ box essential.

The flip side is a recently discovered live recording of Corduroy, from one of the Acid Jazz groups' earliest gigs, playing one of their live favourites, Chowdown. This funky instrumental captures the band at the beginning of their career, playing in a small and sweaty basement club in London's Soho.

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