Dirty Mod

Dirty Mod

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The history of mod is sweat soaked and ear-splitting, limbs and microphones flaying; the loudest bands, the proudest; high-rise volume, distorted, disjointed, under the influence, pounding twelve bar, gritty rock and roll soul music that has influenced the groups on this compilation album; turn it up, jump, hump, shout and get busy ... to Dirty Mod! Featuring, the UKs finest garage rock bands, The Fallen Leaves, Dave's Doors Of Perception, and Eight Rounds Rapid. Parisian minxes, The Buns. Swivel hip rockers, Maker, and The Sons Of Mod. Grunge Blues hipsters, The Monkey Gland Blues Band, and The Get-Go. Enthusiastic youthful soul from Samuel Rogers and his band. Plus another great cover version from The Third Degree, (the band that had that hit with Duffy's Mercy). 

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  1. The Samuel Rogers Band – Liven Up                                                                                
  2. The Monkey Gland Blues Band – Shake It Down                            
  3. The Third Degree – Toxic                                                              
  4. The Buns – Thrill Me Up                                                                                             
  5. The Fallen Leaves – Did You See Her                                                                      
  6. Eight Rounds Rapid – Bully Boy                                                     
  7. The Get-Go – Rockin' Girl                                                        
  8. Maker – Move Your Feet    
  9. The Beatniks – CC (Love Surprise)                                                  
  10. The Sons Of MOD – This Is Sound     
  11. The Outcrowd – Booze Monkey
  12. Dave's Doors Of Perception – Sex & Drugs & Armed Revolution
  13. King Mojo – Ejector Seat