Fay Hallam - House Of Now

Fay Hallam - House Of Now

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Queen of the Vidal bob hair-do, Fay Hallam paid her rock dues fronting bands like The Prime Movers, Phaze, The Fay Hallam Trinity and Makin' Time (with a pre- Charlatans Martin Blunt). She has worked with Billy Childish, Graham Day, Alan Crockford and The Bongolian, and has toured the UK and Europe extensively. 2016 finds Fay having recorded possibly her strongest album to date; produced by Paul Weller collaborator Andy Lewis, House Of Now is a collection of progressive torch songs and filmic funk, ambitious and groovy; her rhythm & blues inspiration still very apparent but fused with a theatre-land soul reminiscent of musical freak-fests like Godspell, Superstar or Hair.

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  1. How Great You Are                                          
  2. Do You Know How To Love Me?                      
  3. Drowning                                                                     
  4. I Can Hear You                                                
  5. Peg                                            
  6. His Name Is King                 
  7. Fragment               
  8. Written In Code
  9. Love Save Us
  10. Twisted                                             
  11. Peace                                                   
  12. Heart Cries Out                           
  13. Colours