Northern Exposure

Northern Exposure

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Northern Exposure is the Sheffield based music promotion team whose drive, dedication and unrivaled passion, have helped to create a fresh and dynamic voice on the current rock scene.

This is their compilation album and it is awesome.

Featuring The Slow Readers Club, Cabbage, White Room, Sisteray, Veludo Planes, Hollow Nothing, The Velcro Teddy Bears, SAP, Little Liam, Vida, Paul Fletcher & The Dukes, Paisley Sundae, The Rising, Stray Scene, The Gallerys, John McCullagh, Liberty Ship and Scarlet. 

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  1. White Room - I Think Too Much                                      
  2. Sisteray - Gentrification                             
  3. The Slow Readers Club - I Saw A Ghost                                  
  4. The Velcro Teddy Bears - Somebody                                         
  5. Little Liam - Need You Tonight                        
  6. Veludo Planes - Luna                                                 
  7. John Mccullagh - New York City                             
  8. Cabbage - Its Grim Up North Korea          
  9. Scarlet - Heavy Exchange                          
  10. Stray Scene - The Day The Clown Cried           
  11. Hollow Nothing - Game Of Love                                 
  12. Paul Fletcher &The Dukes - 22.02                                               
  13. Liberty Ship - What Point                             
  14. The Gallerys - Imperfect Imperfection       
  15. The Rising - I Want You                            
  16. Paisley Sundae - Had Someone                               
  17. Sap - Feel It                                              
  18. Vida - What's Going Around