The Beat Generation & The Angry Young Men DELUXE Edition

The Beat Generation & The Angry Young Men DELUXE Edition



In 1984, before Eddy Piller started Acid Jazz Records, he released a number of 'mod revival' bands on an independent record label especially created for the purpose, that upstart label was the now infamous, Well Suspect Records and this compilation was the first release featuring Directions, Small Hours and Long Tall Shorty. This reissued deluxe edition revisits and freshens the original; losing two tunes but gaining five extra tasty maximum R&B numbers (from the Italian group, The Mads) recorded between 1979 and 82. Best played loud, this compilation has influenced much of the indie-rock and brit-pop elite of the current generation of 'angry young men'....and women.

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  1. The Mods Are Back In Town - The Mads
  2. It May Be Too Late - Directions
  3. That's What I Want - Long Tall Shorty       
  4. Underground - Small Hours            
  5. Career Girl - Les Elite                   
  6. Psycho R'n'R Art - The Mads            
  7. I'll Make You Mine - Purple Hearts            
  8. I Do - Long Tall Shorty        
  9. Weekend Dancers - Directions              
  10. This Is What I Get - The Mads                
  11. Frustration - Les Elite             
  12. The Kids - Small Hours             
  13. Hazy Darkness     - Purple Hearts          
  14. Mrs Kate - The Mads             
  15. All By Myself - Long Tall Shorty    
  16. Get A Job - Les Elite                
  17. Concrete Mixer - Purple Hearts          
  18. Velvet Gloss - The Mads