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The Buns - Dangerous

The Buns began life playing 'garage secretarial rock' in the basement clubs of home-town Paris, armoured from the norm by pencil skirts, rouge paint and with hair tightly knotted in bouffant buns; they attracted a lot of attention, especially with fans of vintage styles and sounds. The duo quickly progressed from sweat heavy dives to guest appearances in French stadiums, and a coveted slot on the seminal garage rock compilation, DIRTY MOD; the track in question was 'Thrill Me Up', a lyric from which inspired the title of The Buns' U.K debut album, a frantic roller coaster ride of glam punk, and earthy garage rock, DANGEROUS. The L.P includes the best of the groups earlier 'Mad Men glamour' period, plus the current rock-chic snarl captured to tape by Liam Watson at Toerag Studio.

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